Controlled Burn

Controlled Burn Process


The Sealy Volunteer Fire Department controlled burn process begins with a call to Austin County Dispatch at 979-865-3111, stating:

  • your name
  • location
  • intended time of burn

There are a few guidelines that should be followed:

  • Burning inside the city limits is prohibited by City Ordinances.¬† These guidelines are for¬†unincorporated areas of the county.¬†
  • Clear the area, stay a safe distance from exposure (a 300 ft. minimum from any structure is required) and provide a means of extinguishing the material if required.
  • Burn piles should be no larger than 5 ft. high and 10 ft. across with a firebreak around the pile.
  • Maintain a watch over the material until it is completely extinguished.
  • Natural wood products only (trees, bushes and brush). No treated wood, plastics, rubber or similar materials are to be burned.
  • Except for recreational fires (very small back yard bonfires) all burns are to be completed before dark.
  • Conditions under which no burns are allowed are:
    • dry periods while under burn bans
    • winds over 18 mph
  • The landowner is responsible for any and all damages or personal injury caused by intentional burning.

Questions may be directed to the Sealy Volunteer Fire Department (979-885-2222) should you need clarification on any issues you may have about a particular burn.

We will be glad to assist you in making sure any controlled burn you undertake is safe and meets the guidelines. For additional assistance or information, you may call:

Sealy Volunteer Fire Department at 979-885-2222

Texas Environmental Quality Handout on Outdoor Burning